Water Reclamation Facility Re-Development

Salt Lake City will undergo a multi-phased re-development of its Water Reclamation Facility. The Water Reclamation facility treats wastewater from Salt Lake area homes and businesses and removes pollutants from the water. Wastewater contains nitrogen and phosphorus from human waste, food, and certain soaps. Once the water is cleaned to standards set and monitored by state and federal officials, it is typically released into a local water body to re-enter the natural water cycle.

Salt Lake City's re-development of its Water Reclamation Facility and wastewater system will address new regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Utah's Department of Water Quality to reduce pollution and transform aging infrastructure into opportunities for excellence and innovation.

This project is part of an overall effort to upgrade and improve the sewer, water and storm drain systems. This improved infrastructure will support and foster economic development throughout Salt Lake City.

This project is currently in the pre-design phase. The new Water Reclamation Facility will be built adjacent to the current facility.


Salt Lake City and its Department of Public Utilities are committed to engaging with the community in decisions that will affect them as residents. For the design phase of the Water Reclamation Facility re-development, the project team has engaged with the stakeholders and community members in a number of ways including a half-day community design workshop where approximately 40 representatives from the community gathered to brainstorm and discussaspects of the new Screenings Building. Ongoing collaboration with area residents, schools, and the community council will assist facility and City leadership in the long term planning of the project.

The half-day community design workshop was held on Monday, October 24, 2016 to present the Water Reclamation Facility and Screenings Building re-development and gather ideas on:

  • Sustainable Building and Technology
  • Public Access Opportunities
  • Construction Impacts
  • Environmental Stewardship Opportunities
  • Landscaping Features

Please check back after October 25 to view the materials from the workshop and to view details on the feedback we received.


Following the design phase, a contractor will be selected and construction of the new Influent Screening will begin. Once a contractor is selected and a construction schedule is identified, construction impacts and more detailed information will be available. Construction impacts and the project schedule will be directly communicated to nearby residents and businesses.


Summer 2016 - Winter 2016

Intermediate Improvements Phase

November 2016


Summer 2017 - Summer 2018


Fall 2018 - Summer 2020

Nutrients Implementation Phase



Summer 2018 - Fall 2020


(2021 - 2024)

SLC Public Utilities is committed to working with everyone who may be impacted by this project. We will notify residents directly before beginning work and we will be working continuously to proactively reach out to all residents, businesses and community members. If you have questions about the re-development of the Water Reclamation Facility or would like to sign-up for email updates on the project, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the project team.

Phone: 801-721-1438