Influent Screenings Building Project

This project will replace the existing Influent Screenings Building at the Salt Lake City Water Reclamation Facility located at 1250 Reclamation Road (1250 West 1475 North). Influent screening facilities are the first step in the wastewater treatment process. As wastewater enters the treatment facility, the water is screened. This preliminary screening removes large objects from the wastewater such as rags, paper, plastics and metals to prevent damage to the rest if the water treatment system. Influent screening facilities also remove large dirt and grit, provide odor control and help manage water flow.

The new Influent Screenings Building will help increase the flow and capacity of the wastewater treatment facility and upgrade the current electrical and mechanical systems in an effort to meet regulatory requirements.This project will be built to an Envision Platinum standard, making it one of the most energy efficient facilities in Salt Lake City's system; setting a standard for future projects.New odor control measures will also be included to address some current odor issues and prevent new odors in the future.

The project is currently in the design phase.

This project is part of an overall effort to upgrade and improve the sewer, water and storm drain systems. This improved infrastructure will support and foster economic development throughout Salt Lake City.

The preferred site of the new Influent Screenings Building is adjacent and directly south of the current facility.


Salt Lake City Public Utilities (SLCPU) underwent an extensive public engagement process with City residents in order to inform the planning and design elements for updates to the Water Reclamation Facility in Rose Park, the facility that treats the wastewater for all of Salt Lake City. Feedback was collected through interviews with key stakeholders in the immediate vicinity, a design workshop held on October 24, 2016, and through public comment online on Open City Hall with input received from over 100 individuals.

This public engagement process has assisted SLCPU in (1) Ensuring the design of the new facility reflects community needs and ideas and (2) in helping the City gather concerns, ideas and feedback that will serve to shape and inform project design identifying areas of potential design challenge. The feedback received is summarized by topic and focused on the design and construction of the Water Reclamation Facility and Influent Screenings facility.

  • Connectivity – with trails/bike paths between neighborhoods, parks, Regional Athletic Complex, and accommodating multi-use activities
  • Safety – maintaining safe public barrier near other industrial sites, crime prevention, recreational safety (biking through/near golf course)
  • Educational Opportunities – opportunity to include youth in design and accommodate future tours/interaction with facility as part of water education curriculum
  • Economic Improvements – long-term viability of golf course opportunities to activate the Rose Park Community
  • Community Opportunities – service opportunities, value of Rose Park to greater Salt Lake Area, area history, and diverse community
  • Green space – maintaining and restoring wetlands provides value to the community and a better view from freeway
  • Odor issues – negatively effects businesses and residents and is a long-term issue
  • Wetlands – area is historically a bio-diverse wildlife/bird habitat connecting Beck Hot Springs – Jordan River – Great Salt Lake delta.
  • Educational Resource – re-establish public access to wetlands, tours of facility for water education element
  • Native Plantings – use native trees/scrubs/native grasses as they are more drought tolerant and reduce maintenance costs
  • Green space/Open space options – open spaces set the stage for re-development of the area
  • Site Lines – the view from the freeway and throughout the community should be considered as it is the Northern gateway to SLC
  • Exterior - Refer to examples of interpretive centers/libraries, build to be the best possible option, Rose Park design look and feel, bury power lines
  • Interior - Highlight the process/purpose of the facility/the systems, community/youth art elements
Construction Impacts
  • Overall, it will be important to communicate schedule with businesses and community, maintain access to businesses, minimize impact from construction (i.e. noise, dust, trash) and keep odor down.

Design for the Influent Screenings facility is underway with construction anticipated in Spring 2018.


Following the design phase, a contractor will be selected and construction of the new Influent Screening will begin. Once a contractor is selected and a construction schedule is identified, construction impacts and more detailed information will be available. Construction impacts and the project schedule will be directly communicated to nearby residents and businesses.

Pre-Design Complete

June 2017

Final Design Complete

January 2018

Construction Begins

2018 - 2019

SLC Public Utilities is committed to working with everyone who may be impacted by this project. We will notify residents directly before beginning work and we will be working continuously to proactively reach out to all parents, businesses and community members. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns or to sign up for updates on the project. See contact information below.

Phone: 801-721-1438