The Infrastructure We Rarely See

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you turn on your faucet, flush the toilet, or where all the storm water goes after a rainstorm?

Salt Lake City residents and businesses enjoy all those day-to-day services backed up by a complex water and sewer system that is delivering clean water as well as transporting and treating wastewater throughout the city.

The project out on Gladiola Street between California Ave and 500 South provides a rare glimpse into the infrastructure that is working hard behind the scenes to meet the ever-growing demand in our city.

Isolation valves, as seen below, are a critical part of the water distribution system and are true to their name. The isolation valves allow a water line to isolated (i.e. taken out of service) to allow for inspection or to be partially out of service while parallel utilities are being worked on or while the condition a line is being assessed. The valve aids in the maintenance of the whole line.

Close up of the Isolation Valve. Valves are being installed at California Ave and at 500 S. and Gladiola Street.

This massive valve is encased in a vault that weighs over 125,000 pounds. The weight of the vault keeps the isolation valve in place and the size aids in accessing the valve during monitoring.

Installation of the 63,000 pound vault base at Gladiola and California Ave.

The installation of the isolation valves is the first part of the overall sewer rehabilitation project along Gladiola that is under construction through Summer of 2017.  The next phase of the project will include repairing the sewer line that runs from California Ave. to 500 S.

These projects are part of an overall effort to upgrade and improve the sewer, water and storm drain systems in the city. This improved infrastructure will support and foster economic development throughout Salt Lake City.