SLC Public Utilities Hosts Design Charrette

Salt Lake City Public Utilities Hosts Design Charrette for New Water Treatment Facility

On Monday, October 24, 2016, Salt Lake City Public Utilities (SLCPU) engaged with 32 individuals from various Salt Lake City departments, including Public Utilities, Planning and Parks and Public Lands, as well as community leaders with interest in safety, wildlife, and economic development. These community leaders came together for a half day design Charrette* for the Influent Screening Facility and the Water Reclamation Facility located in Rose Park that serves 120 square miles for all Salt Lake City residents.

Attendees were provided background on the Water Treatment Facility operations and the driving factors in the need to upgrade wastewater to create a long-term foundation for new economic development while continuing to provide environmentally responsible wastewater treatment.

The majority of the afternoon session involved participants circulating among five topic tables where they were able to ask questions of a subject matter expert while providing their unique perspective, concerns, and ideas about how to ensure the design of the new facility reflects community needs.  Design topics included:

  • Community elements that would allow for education, trails, open space, and greater public interaction
  • Environmental elements such as sustainability features, supporting local wildlife and birds, wetland and water quality protection, and odor control.
  • Landscaping features such as plants, berms, sightlines, use of open space as well as crime prevention design.
  • Aesthetics that would represent a long term vision for Salt Lake City and Rose Park and various elements such as lighting and building exterior that should be considered.
  • Construction Impacts that SLCPU could address during the various stages in order to minimize impact on local residents and businesses and ensure public safety.

The afternoon discussions provided an opportunity for community members to interact with each other and share innovative ideas while helping the City gather concerns and feedback that will serve to shape and inform project design identifying areas of potential design challenge.

The final hour of the workshop was reserved for the tables to report back to the entire group as well as the public that chose to attend and contribute ideas.  SLCPU is very interested in hearing from additional Salt Lake City residents through an online comment form at

Comments received through the Charrette and online will be collected through 2016 with a formal review and response in January 2017.

*A Charrette is a collaborative planning event that engages all affected parties to plan, design and realize solutions that transform communities.